We're almost halfway through the final season of 'Dexter,' and it seems as if both the major hurdles of Deb and Dexter's relationship and the mysterious "Brain Surgeon" killer have been put to bed (literally, in the latter's case). So what new challenges will arise in the second half of season 8? Check out two brand-new clips from next Sunday's all-new 'Dexter' episode, "A Little Reflection," to find out!

In the first look at the the latest episode, Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) continues to court danger in taking on a new patient that Dexter himself had been eying for the table, further muddying the motivations of Dexter's mysterious spiritual mother. The second sneak peek, meanwhile, sees Deb going undercover once again, though Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) proves to be a much more volatile boss than Miami Metro ever allowed.

We'd show you Showtime's official synopsis for "A Little Reflection," but, wouldn't you know it, the darn thing contains a major spoiler too good to give out just yet! Suffice to say, Dexter monitors a young sociopath, and something happens, and doo doo doo doo ...

While we wait for the second half of 'Dexter''s final season to kick into high gear, check out the sneak peeks of "A Little Reflection" above and below, and give us your predictions in the comments!