It seems last night's 'Dexter' installment "Are We There Yet" had a number of viewers checking their watches to ask that very same question, but that still leaves the Showtime serial killer drama with plenty of time to perk up for the final four episodes. The first sneak peeks of "Make Your Own Kind of Music" have hit the web, and it seems Dexter's world has already begun to close down around him.

The first clip from next Sunday's episode sees Dexter already regretting his decision to persuade Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) to stay in Miami, now that a U.S. Marshall ('The Shield' star Kenny Johnson) has picked up her trail. Meanwhile, Deb debates coming back to Miami Metro, though her recent encounter with Dexter, Hannah and the late Zach Hamilton have her second-guessing the idea already.

Not to mention, the reveal that the enigmatic "Brain Surgeon" appears to have survived will throw a few new wrinkles into the final four episodes of the series, and a certain name-drop from the above clips suggests that we might have a new suspect in the case already. After all, it couldn't have been Dr. Vogel herself, could it have been?

Only four more episodes remain for 'Dexter,' so check out the latest clips and give us your theories on how it all ends in the comments!