'Dexter' Season Finale "Surprise, Motherf---er" Preview: Will Hannah Strike Back?


We're only three days from the 'Dexter' season 7 finale "Surprise, Motherf---er," leaving us all the more tense that something bad will befall our favorite serial killer. After last season finally brought Deb in on Dexter's big secret, and we head into a potentially final year, can Dexter's murderous nature really stay hidden for that much longer? What role will Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) play in the season's final hour? Check out the latest photos from Sunday's 'Dexter' season finale for a clue!

'Dexter's big season finales grow riskier and riskier every year, last season's "This is the Way the World Ends" finally bringing Deb in on her brother's secret, so how much bigger could Sunday's "Surprise, Motherf---er" get?  Might we see Doakes again in flashback, or even as an apparition, as the title suggests? Will Hannah stay quiet about Dexter's secret from prison?

Showtime has released four new photos from Sunday's season finale, all of which feature Hannah McKay in her adorable orange jumpsuit. Adorability aside, will she really stay quiet given what she knows about Dexter, and even Deb? Or will either Dexter or Deb take additional measures to make sure she never has the chance to confess?

It's all on the table for 'Dexter's big season finale, but what do you think will happen?  Check out the latest photos from "Surprise, Motherf---er" below, and give us your most explosive predictions in the comments!

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