Mind you, 'Dexter' season 7 has a full three episodes left in the season after this past Sunday's nail-bite "Helter Skelter,' plenty of time for the long-running Showtime series to ratchet up the body count, or even spill a few new secrets.  For the moment all actually seems hunky-dory, but how long could it be before LaGuerta cracks the case and fingers Dexter as the Bay Harbour Butcher?  The season finale is coming, and from the latest artwork, someone important may not make it out alive!

Even though Ray Stevenson's Isaak Sirko may no longer be with us, there remain plenty of threats in 'Dexter's world to make for one seriously bloody close to the season.  Not only is LaGuerta (and now Tom Matthews) hot on his trail, but club owner George (Jason Gedrick) still has a bone to pick with our favorite serial killer, and even the "phantom arsonist" might want in on the action.

But perhaps most dangerous of all is the growing feud between Dexter and Deb, one that spells out certain doom in the latest artwork from the December 16 finale!  Highlighting a deadly stare-down between the two siblings, the banner for "Surprise, Mother F$%ker!" teases the promise of a major death, but of course leaves matters uncertain as to who.

What say you?  Do you think Deb might be doomed after learning her brother's secret?  WIll LaGuerta uncover the whole truth?  Give us your thoughts on what the 'Dexter' season finale banner means in the comments!