The first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles' new film 'The Dictator' seemed to play things pretty safe -- like an Adam Sandler version of a Sacha Baron Cohen film. But this latest red band trailer promise the sort of effort we've come to expect from Baron Cohen and Charles.

It's official: We're excited!

Baron Cohen plays General Aladeen, a dictator from the fictional nation of Wadiya in Africa. Aladeen comes to America to speak at the United Nations when he's stripped of his beard -- and his power -- leaving him to navigate America with the help of a hippie type played by Anna Faris.

While the new trailer also shows the track race that every other spot has featured, it gives us a better sense of the humor at play -- and it's the humor we all know and love from Baron Cohen and Charles' previous team-ups on 'Borat' and 'Bruno.' 'The Dictator' is a straight fictional narrative, but its themes look to be in keeping with those aforementioned films.

The trailer features a lot of misogynistic and crude humor, and -- admittedly -- a pretty funny 9/11 misunderstanding. We're even more excited to see Kathryn Hahn involved. It bears repeating: Kathryn Hahn is a national treasure. Get on board, America.

'The Dictator' hits theaters this week.