Though the teaser trailer for 'The Dictator' - the latest film from Sacha Baron Cohen - only revealed the character, the full trailer has finally shown the movie's plot. And though how much of the film is plot driven will be revealed May 11, this trailer gives you a better sense of the film that Cohen and director Larry Charles have made. But does that mean it's a better movie?

It seems like the teaser and all of the advertising previous to this just played up the idea of a wacky dictator played by Cohen. That would be enough for a funny movie, but here there seems to be an actual plot involving the character being a fish out of water who has to survive in New York as a schmoe. Anna Farris seems to be playing the love interest.

And honestly, it makes the film look less appealing. With the original advertising it seemed we were just following a terrible person who did terrible things, now it looks like this character has an arc, and might actually learn a lesson. That could work, but if you've seen Cohen's previous film 'Ali G Indahouse' you can see where he gets into trouble taking his characters on some sort of journey. This trailer makes the film look conventional. Hopefully, the filmmakers have subverted the formula.

Check out the new trailer for 'The Dictator' below: