Screenwriter Ehren Kruger ('Transformers: Dark of the Moon,' 'Scream 4') has been hired to pen the story for a film based on Disney's Matterhorn ride. Brian Beletic is set to direct the feature that "centers on five young adventure seekers -- an action sports guy, travel guide, cartographer, archeologist and escape artist -- who venture into the Alps for mysterious reasons and face Yetis that guard a secret."

The untitled Matterhorn project seems to be the next logical step in Kruger's career, which has moved from Shia LaBeouf as the only hope for humanity against giant robots to the death rattle of a 90s slasher franchise. It makes sense, then, that Kruger is now attached to this project, which reads like a feature-length episode of 'Legends of the Hidden Temple.'

While "action sports guy" is an outstanding character description that leads us to hope the film is called 'Matterhorn: EXTREME' (in Disney Digital 3D!), we're seriously excited for the humble but majestic yeti, who has waited ever so patiently for his turn in the mythological creature spotlight. We have only one casting suggestion for the yetis: Robin Williams, as all of them.