Disney World loves us, it's just a fact. As proof, they're bringing 'Star Wars' to their parks for an entire month that will make any Rebel or Empire loyalist squeal with delight. And the coolest part? You can get yourself frozen in Carbonite.

We're talking about Star Wars Weekends, a new event that Disney is doing in their Hollywood Studios section of Walt Disney World for a month, starting in the middle of May. There, 'Star Wars' fans young and old will be able to find out more about the Force, go to Jedi Training Academy, take part in a variety of games and even meet Darth Maul himself, Ray Park.

It's too cool to be true, right? But wait, those activities listed above are nothing in comparison to what else you can do there. /Film reports that not only can you take part in all of this but you can make your own frozen Carbonite toy version of yourself. That's right, you can look like a metal Popsicle version of yourself trapped in a prison that's being transported to Jabba the Hut in a three dimensional, 8-inch figurine. You can't beat that.

Take a look at the events that are taking place in this special event below. If you're really interested in going to Star Wars Weekends, to take place on May 18-June 10, be sure to call 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324) and reserve your tickets now.