With the UK model of TV secrecy driving us ever more mad, 'Doctor Who' fans can soon rest easy that the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" will soon begin its full blitz toward the November 23 premiere. To that end, we've got three new photos from the landmark anniversary event, a bit of intel on the plot, and news of a brand-new trailer to hit this weekend!

Likely a more complete picture than what we saw from Comic-Con 2013, the BBC has confirmed that a real trailer for "The Day of the Doctor" will hit on BBC One just before 8:00 p.m. this coming Saturday, November 9. We loved the recent anniversary teaser splicing together all the old Doctors, but a bit of real footage will do us good.

Elsewhere, the Mirror scored three new photos of the special, including shots of David Tennant, Matt Smith and Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth, who shares a few romantic scenes with Tennant, but had plenty to say about the Doctors' reunion. “Matt and David got on so well and their interaction on screen is a sublime double act. Matt said to me, ‘It’s a bit like Laurel and Laurel. It’s like Hardy didn’t turn up.’ They are absolutely great together."

Meanwhile, the BBC will release two short mini-sodes in anticipation of the landmark anniversary event, titled “The Last Day” (running 3 minutes and 57 seconds) and “The Night of the Doctor” (6 minutes and 54 seconds), respectfully. Their content and released dates have been kept under wraps, though speculation intimates one may be released on November 15 during the annual ‘Children in Need’ telethon, as had been suggested previously.

The 23rd will also see the airing of a special by Professor Brian Cox on BBC Two about the science behind the show, coupled with ‘Sherlock‘ star Mark Gatiss’ ‘Doctor Who’ origins movie, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time.’ “The Day of the Doctor” itself will also be simulcast globally and released in select US theaters for a 3D broadcast.

Take a look at the latest photos from the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special below, and give us your predictions for the 75-minute event in the comments!