As if we needed more proof that Stetsons were cool.  The good 'Doctor Who' returns this Friday with "A Town Called Mercy," the third of five all-new series 7 episodes that will carry us into the Holiday special while simultaneously saying goodbye to companions Amy and Rory Pond.  So far this season we've seen our Doctor confront zombie Daleks (with a surprising twist), and square off against dinosaurs on a spaceship, but what could go wrong with "A Town Called Mercy," as the latest clip suggests?

Something is definitely off about "A Town Called Mercy," the latest installment of 'Doctor Who' to air on Friday, September 14.  Sure, it might be the cyborg cowboy lawman waiting in the wings, but gun to our heads, there are just one too many anachronisms about it, according to the Doctor.

The latest clip from Friday's episode sees Rory, The Doctor and Amy strolling into the wild west town, with the Time Lord somewhat taken aback by the presence of a malfunctioning electric street lamp, some ten years before such a thing was to be invented.  But who could have mucked about in such a timey-wimey way to produce such anachronisms?

With only two episodes remaining beyond, we're hoping "A Town Called Mercy" gives some clue into the eventual departure of Rory and Amy, but for now, any excuse to put the Doctor in a Stetson is good.

Check out the brand new clip from 'Doctor Who's "A Town Called Mercy' below, and give us your theories in the comments!