Ah, set photos.  You can hang onto and redact as many leaked scripts and footage as you like, but like it or not, even the most secretive of TV shows has to shoot somewhere, and any Johnny with a cell phone can scoop the spoilers.  That's why the latest 'Doctor Who' look might just have you weeping...

Few details are known about the forthcoming season of 'Doctor Who,' other than the imminent departure of current companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arther Darvill), and the companion to follow being played by Jenna Louise Coleman.  Elsewhere, their departure is said to involve the sinisterly creepy 'Doctor Who' villains "The Weeping Angels."  So how's about a look?

Doctor Who TV managed to cobble together a few images from the London set, which will stand in for New York City as the group filmed in front of the Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy building.  Only series stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan appear in the photos however, along with a man in a period-era costume that would suggest the episode taking place at some point during the past.

Of course, also seen in the photos is as predicted, the Weeping Angels in all the creepy glory!  But that isn't the only terrifying spoiler to come forth from the set, as other scenes shot in recent days have shown Rory to be carrying around divorce papers!  Could love be on the rocks for our two companions?

Check out the photos below, and give us your take on 'Doctor Who' series seven in the comments below!