You can't throw a rock at a comic convention without hitting a young woman dressed in a TARDIS dress to show her appreciation for 'Doctor Who,' but this cosplayer takes the TARDIS dress to another level.

'Doctor Who' fan Sasha Trabane put together this incredible TARDIS cosplay, taking the idea of a TARDIS dress and turning it into something more regal -- she's the TARDIS princess! She even has a crown, so you know it's legit. Sasha wore her dress to the Boston sci-fi convention Arisia, where she took home the prize for Best in Class (Novice category) and Best Comedic Duo at the Masquerade, and rightfully so!

The great thing about Sasha's TARDIS dress is that it isn't just a dress made to look like a blue police call box, which is so easy that anyone can do it, and it's why we see so many TARDIS dresses at conventions. What's special about it is that it, like the Doctor's TARDIS on the show, is bigger on the inside. Sasha opens up a panel to reveal a hand-painted fabric, crafted to resemble the interior of the TARDIS. The painting was done by Sasha's friend, Andy Coyle.

Photos come courtesy of Jeremy Thorpe and Nenita Hiller.

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