Donald  Glover's rapper alter ego is at it again. This new track from Childish Gambino features a collaboration with infamous alt-rocker Beck. We've got the full track and a link to download it for free -- and trust us, you're going to want to download it.

The latest track, titled "Silk Pillow," comes courtesy of Glover's own site, I Am Donald. In it, the 'Community' star, comedy genius, and rapper does a duet with Beck that has both of them laying down rhymes. If you were thinking Beck would be providing smoother vocals, you must have forgotten his 90s staple "Loser," in which the talented musician displayed his rap skills through a memorably monotone delivery.

Check out the track below via an embed from YouTube, or click here for the full download so you can (rightfully) treasure this track forever. Or until your computer dies and you lose everything you've ever loved. But we'd never wish that on you.