Dragon's Crown to Get Cross-Play Feature


The beautiful hack-and-slash roleplaying game known as Dragon's Crown is set to get cross-play functionality between the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions.

According to an article on JoyStiq, Vanillaware has added cross-play functionality between the PlayStation 3 and Vita in Japan. An update to the article said that Atlus confirmed that the cross-play update will also be coming to North America.

It also turns out that cross-play functionality will be added for both cooperative and competitive modes of play, meaning that you can either fight with or against your buddy while he's loafing next to you on your couch, armed with his Vita.

Cross-play will be coming to European versions of Dragon's Crown as well, but there's no date for the patch either. NIS America only told JoyStiq that it the patch would head to Europe "in the coming months."

We'll update you as more information on the cross-play patch is made available.

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