See the Cast of 'Drop Dead Fred' Then and Now

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Many of us had imaginary friends growing up, but none were so wild as the green suited anarchist at the center of 'Drop Dead Fred!'

This off-the-walls comedy from 1991 followed Lizzie Cronin, a grown woman who'd failed to blossom after her parents locked away her fantastical BFF. But when her life hits a serious low point (no husband, no job, no money or car), she comes across a taped-up Jack-in-the-Box and rediscovers her moxie as well as Drop Dead Fred.

This crass and crazy comedy was loathed by critics. But for many who were kids in the early '90s, 'Drop Dead Fred' is a beloved—though definitely bizarre—part of our childhood. Now that we're all grown up, we've taken a look back to catch up with the cast, then and now.

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