Dustforce Trailer: Cleaning Up Your Platforming Skills in January


A new trailer and some screens accompany the announcement of a release date for Hitbox Team and Capcom's Dustforce, an upcoming 2D platformer.

Dustforce is a new kind of platformer that puts you in the squeaky-clean shoes of one of four "Titans of Tidiness," each with their own style of play. Dustforce is a different kind of platformer in that in order to complete a stage, you'll have to clean it first. Dust, filth and grime abound in the many levels and it's up to you to sweep it all away with your custodial skills.

The old school platformer is reminiscent of games like Strider and Super Meat Boy, but with a more hygienic feel. You'll double-jump, dash and combo your way to an "S" rank on each stage once Dustforce is release in January for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 for $9.99.

Watch the trailer above and check out the screens below to see more of Dustforce.

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