The digital re-release of EarthBound has finally touched down! Nintendo has uploaded a nifty launch trailer for the game, now that Ness and the crew have made it to the Wii U's Virtual Console via the Nintendo eShop.

Earthbound will cost you $10.00 to download and contains some classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System-era role-playing goodness. The game features a band of kids who go off on a quest to stop an evil alien named Giygas from destroying the world, and eventually, dominating the universe.

You might know Ness from the Super Smash Bros. series, in which he stars as a fighter, alongside fellow Mother protagonist, Lucas. In Earthbound, you'll get to see his roots and find out where this pint-sized kid first became a legend.

Check out the launch trailer above and then let us know if you'll be shelling out $10.00 to get your hands on this classic SNES RPG.