We're still coming to grips with the fact that Danny McBride's Kenny Powers will soon retire for good,  f---in' taking 'Eastbound & Down' out of our lives forever. Before the fourth and final 'Eastbound & Down' premiere, however, Kenny Powers has risen from the ashes to deliver a fresh new set of posters and an epic new teaser to boot.

Our first look at 'Eastbound & Down''s final season sees Kenny Powers embodying the phoenix metaphor he's always sought to capture, though sadly without any new footage to offer. Elsewhere, IGN released three new equally simplistic teaser posters for the final season, featuring some potentially NSFW Kenny Powers-speak in silhouette.

Premiering on September 29, the fourth and final outing for Kenny Powers picks up the action several years later and finds Kenny living the American Dream with his family in North Carolina. Kenny’s HBO return will also set up the debut of Stephen Merchant’s new HBO comedy, ‘Hello Ladies,’ on the same night.

In addition to Lindsay Lohan's mysterious finale guest spot, ‘Party Down’ star Ken Marino’s season-long role, ‘Django Unchained‘ and FOX’s ‘Rake‘ star Omar Dorsey has joined the cast for a recurring role in season 4. Tim Heidecker of ‘Tim & Eric’ fame also joined as Gene, a “vanilla” guy in Kenny’s neighborhood who has nothing in common with Kenny and lacks a basic sense of humor.

Before Kenny Powers gets f---in' out, check out the new 'Eastbound & Down' season 4 previews above and below, and give us your prediction in the comments!