Following the release of 2013's successful horror anthology 'ABCs of Death' comes the sequel you've been waiting for: 'ABCs of Death 2' features 26 new directors and 26 new ways to die, and today we've got the exclusive premiere of an image from what is, in our estimation, the most gnarly short of the bunch. Let us give you a little taste of "Z Is For Zygote" with the first still, and we assure you, they most definitely saved the best for last this time around.

'ABCs of Death 2' rounds up an international group of directors ranging from the US to the UK, to even places like Brazil and Nigeria, to bring you 26 new horror shorts, each representing a different letter of the alphabet and a different way to die. The sequel is horrifying, cringe-inducing, and surprisingly funny -- and if you're going into this expecting more of the same from the first film, you might be pleasantly surprised.

The film hits VOD today, and to celebrate, producers Ant Timpson, Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League, and the filmmakers behind the sequel will all be participating in a live Twitter #DeathParty starting at 10 p.m. Eastern time. So queue up the film On Demand and join in the fun using the hashtag, or check out the film when it hits select theaters on October 31.

In the meantime, you can check out the exclusive new image from "Z Is For Zygote" below, which is definitely the most intense short of the bunch -- we know, we're kind of hyping it up, but trust us. The short comes from the twisted mind of filmmaker Chris Nash, who, up until now, has only made a handful of short films. Be sure to check back here next week for an exclusive interview with Nash about his contribution to the sequel.

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