A teaser video for what looks to be an HD remake for Fable has been posted to YouTube, courtesy of Lionhead Studios. Exactly when we'll get to kick chickens around in HD remains to be seen.

Update: Major Nelson's podcast with Ted Timmins from Lionhead Studios states that Fable Anniversary will be heading to the Xbox 360 later this year. Chickens everywhere shudder with fear.

The teaser, shown above, is full of tweets, rather than actual footage of HD gameplay. We see a bunch of people tweeting @lionheadstudios about remaking the original game, as well as the Lost Chapters version, which includes expanded content.

After a deluge of tweets, a sinister voice rises up from the darkness to reveal the game's villain, Jack of Blades, announcing his return. And that's all we get. This is, after all, a teaser.

You can watch the video above and share in our frustration/excitement for an HD remake of the classic Xbox role-playing game. In the meantime, let us know if you'll be interested in raining terror on chickens in HD.