'Falling Skies' "Badlands" Sneak Peek: Tom Makes A New Friend, Plus An Alien Baby?


Mothers having difficulty adjusting after birth has become a time-tested trope of genre TV, but only ‘Falling Skies’ has taken things this far. We’ve seen some odd behavior from Tom and Anne’s baby Alexis in the first two hours to be sure, but judging by the first clip from Sunday’s “Badlands,” the child’s true parentage might be out of this world! Then again, who knows what’s been done to Tom in his multiple abductions? The second look at Sunday’s all-new episode (courtesy of ThreeIfBySpace, embed by SpoilerTV) sees Tom and the other military heads interrogating an unfamiliar enemy combatant, albeit one much more down to Earth than they’re used to, quite literally. Did their alien alliances go to their heads, so much so that they would be seen as enemy collaborators? Check out both sneak peeks from ‘Falling Skies’ “Badlands” above and below, and tune in Sunday for the full episode and our review!

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