It may still be a while before we see another trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot, but for those curious to learn more about the upcoming film, director Josh Trank and writer and producer Simon Kinberg made four new featurettes to take you behind the scenes. In the videos, Trank and Kinberg explain their casting choices, noting that they were aiming for a more dramatic tone, which is why they cast some of the best dramatic actors around.

There’s a video for each leading actor in the film: Miles Teller, who plays Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic; Kate Mara’s Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman; Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch; and Jamie Bell’s Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

Trank and Kinberg describe what drew them to each actor — unsurprisingly, it’s because they’re all so talented! But what’s interesting to learn is that Miles Teller auditioned for Chronicle, Trank’s debut feature film, and while he wasn’t cast in that film, Trank took note of his skills for future reference. Trank explains that Jordan, who did star in Chronicle, “epitomizes Johnny Storm,” and discusses his effortless brother/sister chemistry with Kate Mara.

We don’t get any real new footage from the featurettes, but it is nice to hear Trank praise his stars and really try to boost our interest in the reboot. After Fox’s two previous failed attempts with the Fantastic Four film franchise, there’s a lot of expectation (and baggage) with this reboot.

Fantastic Four also stars Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom, Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm, and Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder (aka Mole Man). The film hits theaters on August 7.