If you're excited about 'Big Hero 6,' double-down on that excitement because Disney will be debuting a new animated short when that film hits theaters, and we've got the latest sneak peek. Meet the cute star of their latest short, 'Feast' -- a little puppy with a big appetite. This preview will make you go "aww" and probably send you running for the fridge.

'Feast' is the directorial debut of Patrick Osborne, the head of animation on Disney's charming animated short 'Paperman' (we're just swooning thinking about that one). Osborne is back with another tale of love, but this one's a little different. 'Feast' tells the story of a man, whose love life is viewed through the eyes of his best friend -- his dog Winston. Over the course of the many meals they share together, we experience the man's life as Winston sees it.

Seriously, pass us the tissues already. The sneak peek above keeps things light and focuses more on Winston and the many aforementioned meals and less on the human aspect so as to leave plenty to be discovered when we see the eventual short in full. 'Feast' will screen before Disney and Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' when it hits theaters on November 7.