In a (un)surprising reveal, Fez creator Phil Fish has announced the upcoming sequel, Fez 2, won't be coming to an Xbox near you.

The news isn't that shocking to anyone familiar with Fish's stance on Microsoft, and its unwillingness to support developers without a publisher. Speaking with Polygon about where to expect Fez 2, Fish said, "Not Xbox."

Fish also cited Microsoft's lack of support for indie game developers as a reason over on his Twitter, adding that his past experience isn't what's keeping him from putting Fez 2 on the Xbox One; it's Microsoft's policies.

It's a shame for Xbox owners to miss out on what could be an amazing sequel (we don't know anything about Fez 2 other than it's a game, and Disasterpiece will return to score the game), but there are plenty of other opportunities to play the game like PC and Sony's console offerings. Until Polytron has a more concrete plan of release, we don't know when or where to expect the sequel, but at least now we know where it won't be playable.