The Character: Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) was involved in a car accident on her father's birthday, and the resulting head injury greatly impacted her short-term memory. She can remember everything that happened leading up to the day of the car accident, but nothing after that. She wakes up every day thinking it's her father's birthday, and her family goes to great lengths to protect her from discovering what happened, until she falls for Adam Sandler's character, who helps her family make tapes she can watch every morning to explain what happened to her and who her boyfriend is.

The Inspiration: Michelle Philpots is a British woman who suffered brain injuries in two separate car accidents, leaving her unable to remember anything that happened to her the day before. She can recall everything that led up to the second accident in 1994, but nothing after. A married woman now, Philpots' husband has to explain who he is to her every single day, often showing her an album full of wedding photos to convince her that they're married. For 13 years, her husband has been helping to remind her who he is and what their life is together -- that's some dedication right there.