The next evolution of soccer is almost upon us, and EA gave us a glimpse at what the next generation of FIFA 14 would bring to the pitch.

There are three key hallmarks coming to FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, each designed and developed to ensure the action on your screen is a close to the real deal as possible. Pro Instincts will give players authentic tendencies based on actual performance in areas like reaction and anticipation. Precision Movement means players will move more realistically in-game, as better physics are brought along with the Ignite engine. Elite Technique gives individual players the skills necessary to do things in the game that have made them such icons around the world.

"Innovation is the engine that drives our FIFA team and this year we're building the most technologically advanced and authentic sports experience in history," said David Rutter, Executive Producer of the EA Sports FIFA franchise. "FIFA 14 on next gen consoles will feel alive with players who possess human-like intelligence, reactions and instincts, players who move and behave like real athletes, and stadiums that buzz with electricity and excitement."

FIFA has long been one of EA's crowning gems in its sports crown, but there's an awful lot of new features being added this time around that could make the transition to next-gen consoles a challenge. What do you think of the additions?