Yesterday brought us the news that The CW and DC Entertainment are working on bringing 'The Flash' to television. Although The CW president stated that this wouldn't necessarily affect a potential big-screen adaptation, which would you prefer? 'Flash,' the TV show, or 'Flash,' the movie?

The series is not set in stone, but DC is clearly looking to expand its universe on the boob tube; it's also been developing a 'Wonder Woman' series called 'Amazon,' though that project has been put on pause. The plan for The Flash right now is to introduce him on 'Arrow' and then spin off a brand new series.

All of that considered, The Flash could conceivably end up in a film, be it solo or in 'Justice League.' Remember that 'Superman Returns' came out at the same time 'Smallville' was on the air, so it's possible to have one character be at two places at the same time, so to speak.

But which would you prefer? Vote in our poll below.