A new trailer for Forza Motorsport 5 debuted during Microsoft's E3 press event, as did news of the game's biggest new feature, Drivatar.

Forza 5 will no longer rely on computer AI to handle all the other drivers on the course. Instead, the game will monitor your driving tendencies, and upload them to the cloud. That data will be used to drive the vehicles in other people's games, and vice versa. Your friends will continue to race against you, even when offline. Any progress your Drivatar earns will be attributed to you when you sign back online.

It's an interesting new feature, and one that makes use of all the new cloud tech Microsoft has been hyping in regards to the Xbox One. How well it all works remains to be seen, but Turn 10 Studios certainly seems to believe in the tech, so we'll just have to hope the developer knows what it's doing.

What do you think of the idea of your persona being uploaded into Forza 5?