Like 'The Lion King' and 'Sons of Anarchy' have proven, 'Hamlet' makes for an incredible source of drama trumped only by the play itself.  But with Shakespeare's influence felt in countless modern works around the globe, why hide it?  Former 'The West Wing' writer Paul Redford certainly has no intention of obscuring his link to the Bard, working with FOX to develop new contemporary political drama 'America's Son,' based on the classic revenge tale!

If William Shakespeare spins in his grave every time someone adapts his work, they'd best put him to work as a turbine for this.  It seems 'Hamlet' will be getting a contemporary political facelift care of FOX and former 'The West Wing' writer Paul Redford, updating the classic drama to become 'America's Son.'  The modernized take on 'Hamlet' will follow a "renegade JFK Jr. type" as he returns to Washington D.C. to investigate the mysterious car-wreck death of his father, a beloved presidential hopeful.

Once there, he makes it his mission to untangle a complicated web of family secrets, expose the truth and ultimately avenge the murder.  Redford himself will executive produce 'America’s Son,' to which FOX has given a script commitment with a penalty. DreamWorks/Amblin TV’s co-presidents Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey will also act as executive producers.

Well, what do you think?  Could 'Hamlet' work as a modern TV series, or will 'America's Son downplay the links?  Wax poetic about your feelings on the new series in the comments below!