As we said yesterday when Lionsgate was down to two contenders, it seemed that Francis Lawrence would be the choice for 'Catching Fire.' Well, we were right, and it's being reported that an offer is going out to Lawrence currently. He would begin shooting this fall.

The other option presented yesterday was Bennett Miller, who is knee deep in pre-production on 'Foxcatcher,' so it seemed unlikely that he would jump ship. That said it sounds like 'The Hunger Games' author Suzanne Collins wanted Miller, so either he was thinking of jumping ship, or Lionsgate had to offer it to him. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Lawrence.

As a director Lawrence - at this point - is fairly innocuous, bordering on being what in some circles would be called a hack. It's hard to suggest he's developed much personality over the years, but from 'Constantine' to 'I Am Legend' to 'Water for Elephants' he tends to deliver well put together, but modestly lacking big screen experiences. That said, he knows his way around the studio system, and will surely deliver what is called upon. And with the script being written by Simon Beaufoy, hoping it will be as entertaining as the first film.

Then again, does anyone doubt that 'Catching Fire' won't open to phenomenal numbers? At this point, the question is if he's signed on for the rest of the franchise.