'Fringe' would be nothing if not for the masterful (and tragically Emmy-snubbed) performance of actor John Noble, and so it would seem in fact that 'Fringe' is literally nothing without Noble.  Production has temporarily halted on the fifth, and final season of the cult sci-fi hit, allowing time for the actor to recuperate, but what malady could fell the noble Walter Bishop?  Is the fifth season of 'Fringe' in trouble, or in need of some good rest?

Various outlets are reporting that 'Fringe' star John Noble has fallen under the weather, necessitating a brief halt in production of the show's fifth season.  Sources say that the 63 year-old Noble suffers from a form of sleep disorder, one aggravated by his recently hectic travel schedule, including the trip to Comic-Con 2012, and immediately thereafter entering production.  He was not present for the show's recent panel at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Noble is not the only one a bit under the weather however, as DigitalSpy reports that Blair Brown as well has fallen ill, and even Jasika Nicole recently suffered some kind of fender-bender.  Though some filming commenced without Noble, currently the plan is to resume production officially on August 7.  There is expected to be no delay in the show's current September 28 premiere date.

Interestingly, fans of 'Fringe' know Noble's character Walter Bishop to be quite in unusual health as well, alternating between strong vitality and bouts of sleeplessness, even mania.  Most of Bishops maladies came from surgically having pieces of his brain removed years earlier, but nonetheless bear curious similarity to Noble's condition.

What say you?  Do you think Noble's illness will at all affect the final season of 'Fringe,' set to pick up the 2036 battle against the Observers?  What are you expecting from the final season?  Sound off in the comments below!