Even though the world didn't end (yet), tonight brings us one step closer to the end of 'Fringe' with the airing of its final 2012 episode "Anomaly XB-6783746." With the recovered Observer child "Michael" in tow, Walter and the gang must once more stumble through the dark trying to understand how the boy fits into the grander plan to defeat the Observers, but what do the latest clips reveal? Is Walter going back to the dark side?

Only one episode remains in 2012, before 'Fringe' comes to its grand conclusion in January, so will the cult sci-fi series close out the year with a bang? Confusion reigns in tonight's all-new episode "Anomaly XB-6783746," as the presence of Observer child Michael advances the team's knowledge little, causing them to seek out Nina Sharpe's aid.

Even worse is the fact that Walter seems to have grown increasingly cold, and resembles his former self more and more each day. Peter knows of Walter's contingency plan once the Observers have been dealt with, but will he lose his father again if he goes through with another surgery?

Nina Sharpe's secret lab has more than a few mysteries of its own to explore as well, so where do you think "Anomaly XB-6783746" will take the team? Check out three new clips from the episode tonight, and tell us how you think 'Fringe' will end in the comments!