The battle against the Observers takes a calculated turn, as  ‘Fringe’ season 5 debuts its seventh episode of the final season “Five-Twenty-Ten,” where the team works to recover several Observer beacons, while Peter's new abilities allow him to orchestrate a mission to attack several key Observer figures.

Last week’s ‘Fringe’ episode “Through the Looking Glass, and What Walter Found There” saw the team venturing into a pocket universe to retrieve a crucial piece of Walter’s plan, while Peter’s new Observer tech began to affect him in mysterious ways, so how does “Five-Twenty-Ten" keep the final season in motion?  How will season 5 of ‘Fringe’ close out the epic saga?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Fringe’ season 5 episode 67 “Five-Twenty-Ten!”

On a busy intersection, Peter watches a building from across the street, and observes with his enhanced future vision an Observer named Mueller being called into a car while crossing the street.  Back in the moment, Peter stands in the middle of the street to block traffic, and delay the vehicle from his vision.  Moments later, Mueller appears on the street just as he’d seen, and crosses the street without being noticed by the car.  With an Observer-like detachment, Peter calls Anil and asks for his help.

Peter returns to the lab with additional canisters for Walter’s laser, and Olivia wonders why he left without her and hasn’t been sleeping.  The reunion is briefly interrupted by some passing guards outside, but the team liberate another tape, and watch it to reveal that they’ll need two Observer beacon cylinders for the next phase in the plan.  The taped Walter reveals that William Bell kept two of them in a storage facility, as the team informs the present Walter that William Bell was the one to betray them to the Observers all those years ago.  Still, they’ve got his hand in amber!  Convenient.

The team arrives at the now-bombed-out facility, though Peter with his Observer-vision can see where the doors were before destruction.  As he points out the entrance, Olivia notices blood dripping from his ear!  Peter assures all that he feels fine, as the team theorizes how to clear some of the rubble.  Peter takes a call from Anil, who explains that Peter’s plan of swapping Mueller’s briefcase in a park didn’t work, as the Observer didn’t leave his briefcase behind as Peter predicted.  The gang resolves to consult Nina Sharp about the rubble, while Peter visits Anil, unnerving Olivia again.

The elder Nina reunites with Olivia, as Walter relays their predicament to the woman.  Nina theorizes that on Observer device that makes solid matter gaseous might clear the rubble, and in the process of giving it to Walter asks if he’s started to feel more like his older, colder self.  Walter admits to becoming more like the man he used to be, but believes having Peter in his life will allow him to keep his humanity.

Meeting with Anil, Peter deduces that a small variable must have kept Mueller from leaving behind his briefcase as predicted, and instructs the resistance member to wait outside an Observer precinct while he himself swaps the creature’s briefcase.  After dismissing Anil, Peter easily hot-wires a car, but finds himself in blinding pain for a few moments before calming down.

Alone with Astrid, Olivia worries that she might be losing Peter again in spite of what he says, while the man himself sits at an Observer-populated restaurant.  Having distracted the hostess for a moment, Peter successfully manages to swap briefcases with the Observer Mueller, and heads on his way.  Meanwhile, Nina’s technician instructs Olivia and Astrid in using the sublimation device, while Nina herself worries that Peter’s presence won’t be enough to keep Walter from going dark.  She cites William Bell’s love for her as an example, but Walter coldly refutes that he never really loved her.

Over at the Observer precinct, Anil watches as both Royce and Mueller arrive to the building exactly as Peter described.  Upstairs, Mueller opens his briefcase with his compatriots, which explodes in a gas of the flesh-eating virus from 'Fringe's pilot episode!  Anil calls Peter to assure him of the success, as Peter watches Olivia and Walter disintegrate the rubble at the storage facility.

Downstairs, the team use William Bell’s hand to enter, and Peter manages to find a safe hidden in one of the walls.  Walter’s scrambled brain prevents him from remembering the combination, but while Olivia insists they flee the imminent Observers, Peter calmly works to pacify Walter, and ease his memory.  Relaxed, Walter remembers the combination of “Five-Twenty-Ten,” and opens the safe to reveal nothing but a small device, and a photo of a young Nina Sharp.  Peter accidentally activates the device, which summons the beacons from underneath the floor, and the team departs free of Observer interference, Peter seeming even more detached than before.

Later that night, Walter meets with Nina to hand over the photo, and confesses he was wrong about Bell’s love for her.  However, that realization means he too is vulnerable to becoming his old self, and he begs Nina to remove the pieces from his brain once more.  Elsewhere, Olivia arrives at Etta’s apartment to find Peter furiously mapping out the timelines of Windmark’s lieutenants, and the leader himself.  Peter confesses to implanting their technology in his own brain, horrifying Olivia as he predicts her every word before she departs.

Back in the lab, Walter looks over the various acquired pieces of the plan, and listens to a David Bowie record recovered from Bell’s lab.  Astrid says a tender goodnight, as Walter retreats into his music, Windmark works in his office, and Peter continues mapping out trajectories, a small piece of his hair falling out in the process.

We imagine Joshua Jackson must be pretty happy about now, having finally gotten an opportunity to portray an alternate version of his character the way his cast members have been doing for years.  The transformation in Peter certainly makes every moment of "Five-Twenty-Ten" especially intriguing, more-so now that the cat's out of the bag.

It's hard to believe that only six episodes remain, and we have no doubt the narrative will make sure to use all the various assembled components of the past few episodes, but for now the pieces are in place for a spectacular finish.

Did you get your fill of freaky ‘Fringe’ drama?  What did you think about the season’s seventh episode?  What do you think will happen to Peter?  Join us in December for another all-new ‘Fringe’ episode recap of “The Human Kind” on FOX!