We're dying.  The unbearable pain of not knowing whether or not FOX will pick up cult-favorite sci-fi drama 'Fringe' is eating away at the very fabric of our realities, and we'd give anything to know that the upcoming final episodes of season 4 won't be the last we see of Peter Bishop and co.  But if FOX were to pull the plug, might an unlikely source and its mad science resurrect it on another network?

It's not altogether expected, but entirely possible!  Although technically plans are in place to continue 'Fringe' in comic-book format should the worst happen and FOX opt not to renew even for a truncated 13 episodes, but today TV Guide's Matt Roush postulates that niche network The CW could make a fine, even legally viable home for the sci-fi series' fifth season.  Others have suggested Syfy as a logical place to take the series to, though 'Fringe' would represent an expensive prospect, especially given that massive 28-series order they just placed.

Says Roush of the possibility 'Fringe' could move to The CW, which also hosts such cult hits as 'Supernatural,' 'Nikita' and 'The Vampire Diaries,' "I've begun to wonder if Warner Bros., which produces the show, might turn to one of its primary distribution arms, The CW, to keep Fringe alive for however much of a fifth season they need to wrap things up. (Just speculating here; haven't heard a thing and wouldn't necessarily expect it to happen.)"

As Blastr points out, the very Warner Bros. that produces 'Fringe' owns a large stake in The CW (formerly The WB), and could easily negotiate a deal to bring a fifth season to the network, thus making it to the 100th episode necessary to make 'Fringe' attractive for syndication rights.  Of course, FOX is currently weighing that same prospect.

What say you?  Could 'Supernatural' and 'Fringe' lay down arms to air on the same network on Friday nights?  Would you follow 'Fringe' if it jumped to another network?  Bite into some licorice and give us your best theories in the comments!