Tonight's all-new 'Fringe' episode "Black Blotter" will kick off the first of 2012's final episodes, before the series finally closes its doors next year with January 18 series finale "An Enemy of Fate." And while we wait to discover how Walter Bishop's plans to defeat the Observers will all fall into place, series show-runner Joel Wyman has released a number of behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew preparing the series' final hour. Are you ready for a sneak peak of the 'Fringe' series finale?

Much as we wish it weren't so, 'Fringe' will finally come to a bitter end with its 100th episode, "An Enemy of Fate." To celebrate the occasion, Entertainment Weekly has released a number of behind-the-scenes photos previewing how Peter, Olivia, Walter and the rest close out the series. Notably absent are any shots of Astrid (Jasika Nicole) but we'll try to take that with a grain of salt for now.

The Observers definitely look to be in bad shape from the photos, while Peter and Olivia protect themselves in gas masks. Meanwhile, tonight's all-new 'Fringe' episode "Black Blotter" will take Walter on an unexpected LSD trip to recover a new part of the plan, bringing him in contact with the mysterious Donald.

Check out the photos of 'Fringe's series finale "An Enemy of Fate" below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and give us your predictions in the comments!