This past Friday's all-new 'Fringe' episode "The Boy Must Live" may have set up one hell of a final climax to the series, but even that won't prepare us for the tense series finale event to follow this Friday with "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate." FOX has released one final trailer for the series that both reminds viewers of everything that led to this point, and teases how the cult sci-fi series will meet its epic and explosive end, so check out the 'Fringe' series finale trailer inside!

With the young Observer "Michael" now in Captain Windmark's custody, the 'Fringe' team will face their most dire challenge yet as the series move towards its series finale this Friday, January 18 on FOX. To commemorate the occasion, FOX has released one final trailer for the series, previewing the intense action of the upcoming two-hour event.

For one, fans of the series will be overjoyed to see that 'Fringe's' famed parallel universe will indeed return, as the "other side" proves to be their best bet of rescuing Michael from a base in the dismantled Statue of Liberty. But remember, where our 'Fringe' team spent 20 years encased in amber, the other side's counterparts won't have remained quite as youthful! And even will they cross over, given the destroyed bridge and Olivia's spent abilities?

Not only does the preview tease the most epic science fiction and firefights yet, but the finale may cost the lives of any number of characters. Judging by the trailer, Broyles doesn't look to be faring too well! And is there really a chance the plan could bring back Peter and Olivia's daughter Etta?

Watch the 'Fringe' series finale trailer below, and give us your predictions in the comments! Don't forget to observe the final battle for yourself on Friday, January 18 on FOX!