Some days, we wish we really did live on a parallel Earth, wherein we didn't have to endure such TV tragedies as the loss of Dan Harmon from 'Community,' five separate Kardashian series all eclipsing 'Breaking Bad' in ratings, or yes, the cancellation of 'Firefly.'  Today is certainly one of those days, as we've learned that the fifth and final season of 'Fringe' will be tragically Lee-less.

TVLine announces that Seth Gabel will not return for 'Fringe's fifth and final stretch of thirteen episodes, at least as a series regular.  The actor and his fictional counterpart(s) Lincoln Lee had been upgraded to a series regular role following the third season, partially to compensate for the temporary exit of Joshua Jackson's character Peter Bishop.

It certainly fits with the story, given that 'Fringe's fourth season saw - SPOILER ALERT -  the death of the "Over There" Lincoln Lee, while "our" universe's Lincoln elected to swap sides before the team was forced to close the link between the two worlds for safety.

That isn't to say (of course) that Gabel might not return for an appearance before the series finale, though it remains to be seen how and when his character might be incorporated.  Following the out-of-context future episode "Letters of Transit," it's been presumed that much of 'Fringe's final season will devote itself to a battle with the Observers, which we last saw Peter, Astrid, and Walter emerging in 2036 to combat the threat.  No mention was made of how the invasion affected the other universe, or in what state anyone might expect to find Lee in that future.

What say you?  Will you miss Seth Gabel as a regular and cry foul if Lincoln Lee doesn't show up one last time?  What would you like to see from 'Fringe's final season?  Plot out your craziest theories in the comments below!