Magnets, how do they work? A question we've all surely pondered now and again, and one 'Fringe' will likely answer with its first December episode "The Human Kind." When last we saw the Fringe team Peter Bishop had admitted to implanting himself with Observer tech, slowly robbing him of his humanity (and his hair) but will Olivia manage to save Peter before it's too late? Who is singer Jill Scott really playing? Why does Walter need a giant electromagnet? All these questions and more answered inside!

'Fringe' resumes its final season this Friday with the first of three December episodes "The Human Kind," as Walter assembles the latest phase of his plans, Olivia works to save Peter from becoming what he hates most, and Peter faces off against Captain Windmark, but who will emerge victorious? The first official clips for "The Human Kind" have made their way online, adding new wrinkles into the mix.

While Olivia looks for information that can help spare Peter from becoming an Observer, she aids Walter in tracking down a giant electromagnet as the next phase of his plan. Along the way, she meets a mysterious new figure named Simone, who appears to know far more than anyone in her position should.

Check out the clips from Friday's all-new 'Fringe' episode "The Human Kind" below, and give us your final season predictions in the comments! Will there be any surprise returns?