A great many eons ago, revered Alan Moore-Eddie Campbell graphic novel ‘From Hell’ slashed into theaters with a mediocre Johnny Depp-led take on the Jack the Ripper tale. And while Moore famously criticized the adaptation to hell and back, 20th Century Fox may yet try again to adapt ‘From Hell’ as an FX event miniseries in the future.

Per Deadline, 2001 film producer Don Murphy has commissioned ‘Children of Men’ writer David Arata to develop a new serialized FX version of the original comic run, Murphy having previously envisioned the story’s sprawling Jack the Ripper narrative best fit for a TV adaptation. The 2001 film adaptation of ‘From Hell’ focused on Johnny Depp’s Inspector Frederick Abberline and Heather Graham‘s Mary Kelly, whereas the original 572-page Alan Moore story chronicled the Whitechapel killings and their subsequent coverup from the maddened mind and perspective of Jack the Ripper himself.

It is believed that FX’s ‘From Hell’ adaptation would follow the ‘Fargo’ format of a one-time event series, despite ‘Fargo’'s eventual second season pickup. The 2001 film greatly condensed the original graphic novel, and underperformed at the box office by its mediocre reviews. Moore famously expressed disappointment with the adaptation of his work, a trend that would continue through the likes of ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,’ ‘V for Vendetta,’ and ‘Watchmen.’

Well, what do you think? Would you be interested to see FX’s take on ‘From Hell,’ or is the historic criminal horror thriller best left alone? Watch the 2001 trailer, and give us your thoughts in the comments!