'Game of Thrones' season 2 has been more or less everything we had hoped it would be, between Tyrion's legendarily acerbic wit and resolve filling in for Ned Stark (Sean Bean)'s absence, new characters filling in the ranks perfectly, and our favorite parts of "A Clash of Kings" adapted pitch-perfectly, but one thing yet remains.  Much like the ninth episode changed everything last year, "Blackwater" will finally bring us war!

All season we've waited for our first real taste of war, as 'Game of Thrones' has shied away from showing any major battles up until now, out of budgetary concerns.  No longer, as "Blackwater" will finally unfold in all its visual glory, when the army of Stannis Baratheon finally arrives at and lays siege to King's Landing!  Last week saw a quick photo look at Bronn and his flaming arrows fending off the siege, but the latest promos from HBO give us our best look yet at the action.

Not only that, but an episode penned by George R.R. Martin himself is bound to satisfy.  Don't forget either, "Blackwater" represents only the ninth episode of the season, meaning we'll have another full week to deal with the fallout of the high-budgeted battle arc!

Who will turn out the victor?  Will Stannis finally take his "rightful" place on the Iron Throne, or will Joffrey's supply of Wildfire even the odds?  And where will noble Tyrion be in all this?  Check out both the teaser preview, and the "War of the Five Kings" trailer, leaving your thoughts in the comments below!