'Game of Thrones' is now enough of a pop culture institution that parodies are becoming commonplace...and most of them aren't all that great. But then something genuinely unique and funny comes along and it's beautiful and amazing and perfect and you just want to share it with the world. What if 'Game of Thrones' was made in 1995? What would if look like? Well, someone has solved that little mystery for us.

Although the cast and the footage is from the current show, the video below imagines a mid-'90s 'Game of Thrones' with surreal accuracy. First, you've got the old HBO logo (which looks like something out of a kid's network). Then, you've got Queen's "I Want It All" as the theme music. Toss in some cheap soft focus (which makes the show's gorgeous cinematography look like 'Xenia: Warrior Princess' outtakes), awful font, a hokey main title and the occasional static line and you've got an instant YouTube classic.

Here's your next assignment: recast 'Game of Thrones' with actors who would have been perfect back in 1995. Go!