'Game of Thrones' is a dense and often complicated show that has the tendency to baffle people who don't pay attention. With dozens of major characters spread across two continents, it's a story filled with so much that it can often be overwhelming. If your memory of season two is a little hazy and your worried about the upcoming season three premier, fret not: HBO has you covered with a new recap vide.

Combining footage from the show with commentary from the cast and crew, the video below manages to condense the ten hours of the second season of 'Game of Thrones' into a mere fourteen minutes, which is no easy feat. For people who haven't had a chance to rewatch the show on DVD or Blu-ray to prepare for the third season, this video is a blessing. For obsessive fans who simply can't get enough and can name every family in Westeros, the words from the cast and crew offer plenty of incentive to dive right in.

'Game of Thrones' finally returns on March 31st.