Our anticipation for the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 2 finale grows more and more with each passing second, especially after last week’s epic battle of “Blackwater.” It’s going to be a long and brutal wait between Sunday and the season 3 premiere next April, but as long as we’re going to go out, we’re going out with a bang, right? So what should we expect from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 2 finale “Valar Morghulis?” Will there be as much death and destruction as last week? Will we finally get to see Daenerys’ dragons breathing some serious fire? Perhaps most importantly of all, will there be boobs? While Arya heads out on her own, Theon continues his occupation of Winterfell, Dany enters the House of the Undying and Tyrion braces for his father’s reception as “Savior of the City,” we’ve put together a list of 10 sure-fire things to expect (as well as a few we’re secretly hoping for) from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 2 finale “Valar Morghulis! Check ‘em out, and tell us what you’re hoping to see in the comments!

  • 1

    Joffrey Getting Slapped At Least Once

    A running gag though it may be, the producers of ‘Game of Thrones’ (as well as George R.R. Martin himself, no doubt) know just how much we appreciate a good Joffrey slap, and when they’re in too short of supply, we stretch them out for a full 10 minutes. Sure both Cersei and Tyrion have given Joffrey a five-fingered salute to the face this season, but might we have time for one more in the Season 2 finale before we go? We’re betting “Savior of the City” Tywin Lannister packs much more of a wallop.

  • 2

    Daenerys Finally Heating Things Up

    Granted her story had to be padded a bit this season to compensate for a lack of material in ‘A Clash of Kings,’ but it looks like Dany’s story will finally come to a head this Sunday as she enters the “House of the Undying” to retrieve her dragons. What mysteries lay inside we’ll find out, but since season 1 finale “Fire and Blood” was the first to give us the dragons, will the season 2 finale be the first we see Daenerys use them in all their fiery glory?  And fellas, what’s with Dany keeping so covered this season? Are we right?

  • 3

    Somebody Finally Kicking Theon Greyjoy's Ass

    No one can out-Joffrey Joffrey. But if ever there was a contender for the Iron Throne of Douchebageros, Theon Greyjoy would have a golden crown.Someone’s going to enter Winterfell and lay the smackdown on this sea rat before the season is out. If not Robb, or another Northern force, why not Maester Luwin? He might have some serious guns under those robes.

  • 4

    Someone Has a Bone to Pick With Robb Stark's Bone

    Last we saw Robb Stark, he was getting pretty personal with his subjects as King in the North. We know Robb to be promised to another from the House of Frey, so surely someone’s going to get on his Kingly ass for sharing his bone with Lady Tulisa! And will we ever see Robb himself take to the battlefield this season?

  • 5

    Clash of the Ty-tans, Tyrion and Tywin

    Speaking of folks in trouble for listening to their heads over their hearts, Tyrion’s going to have some judgement of his own now that Tywin Lannister’s back in town. If you remember, Tywin himself expressly forbade Tyrion from taking Shae to the city, but worse between them might be the conflict that arises from Tyrion being declared “Savior of the City.” After all, Tywin wouldn’t have even had a city to save if the “half-man” didn’t bravely turn the tide of the battle by personally leading the charge.

  • 6

    Arya and Jaqen's Act of "Valar"

    The last we saw of Arya included her finally fleeing Harrenhal with Gendry and Hot Pie, though even though his work was strung up on all the walls Jaqen was nowhere to be found. Surely we’ve not heard the last of the prized interactions between the two, as Arya has to at least thank the guy who was willing to spontaneously murder folk in the name of a life-debt. Plus, where will Arya go now that she’s out on her own? Folks who’ve read the book will understand immediately why we’re sure to hear more from Jaqen over the course of the hour.

  • 7

    Wildlings Make Jon Snow's Heart Sing

    Well, we can’t just leave Jon Snow tied up in the North! We’ve been hearing so much about this “Mance Rayder,” and Jon’s got Qhorin Halfhand to keep him company while imprisoned by the Wildlings, but for how long? What dark deeds might Jon Snow have to do to get in with the Wildlings? Plus, need more teases between Jon Snow and Ygritte, please! And hey, where’s Samwell and the gang?

  • 8

    Tyrell That Ends Well

    Since that was Ser Loras Tyrell leading the charge (using his dead lover Renly’s armor, nice) of the force that ultimately won the battle of Blackwater, the Lannister’s new alliance with the Tyrells is definitely going to reverberate throughout Westeros and the Iron Throne room. Since we know Margaery Tyrell still wants to be the Queen, wouldn’t that have to mean that she and Joffrey…eww! What of poor Sansa? Do we think she escaped with The Hound?

  • 9

    Brienne and Jaime, On the Road Again...

    As the uncle-father of King Joffrey, we can certainly hope that the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister is in a for a few smacks of his own, particularly from the massive Brienne of Tarth! Sure, she keeps a relatively level head even in the face of Jaime’s legendarily acerbic tongue, but we’re not going to hold it against her if she loses her icy cool for a moment. Not to mention, let’s hope for some clarification on where this perfect pairing is headed! Might Jaime find a way to escape again, or will Brienne have to slay the Kingslayer?

  • 10

    What Happened to Melisandre, Davos and Stannis?

    Ser Davos Seaworth was too cool to go out like that, right? Surely one blast of Wildfire couldn’t fell the Onion Knight! Might we see whether or not Davos survived the explosion with his son, or what’s become of Stannis now that he’s been seemingly dragged off, his army destroyed? We know we’re going to meet a few members of his family next season, but we’re dying here! And where’s Melisandre been all this time?