Dakota Fanning was a big deal as a child actress, with roles in 'I Am Sam,' 'Man on Fire,' and 'War of the Worlds.' That's a pretty weighty resume for a young lady, and in 2007, Fanning acted in the controversial film 'Hounddog,' in which she plays a young girl who is abused and raped. But she was still a young, darling girl in the eyes of the public, and it wasn't until 2010's 'The Runaways' that we started to see her as an adult. In that film, Fanning played rock singer Cherie Currie opposite Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett in the sordid tale of all-girl band The Runaways. Fanning was just 17 at the time, but she got partially nude and had a sex scene with Stewart in the provocative movie.