We aren't ones to make jokes about a 'Glee' star who's character was best defined as closeted joining the ranks of a Naval-based ABC pilot, but at least the pieces are all there!

That's right, 'Glee' star and on-screen bully Max Adler has just enlisted as a guest-star in ABC's upcoming pilot 'Last Resort' which weaves the tale of a submarine crew going rogue after refusing to fire their missiles, and setting themselves up as an independent nuclear nation on an island with a NATO listening post.

According to the post from TVLine, Adler's casting doesn't necessarily mean that his 'Glee' character David Karofsky won't appear on the FOX series in the future, as even if 'Last Resort' gets picked up, Adler may or may not stay on in a more regular capacity.

'Last Resort' also recently cast character actor Bruce Davidson in an unnamed role, with no details of either his or Adler's characters made available.  However, the series already boasts Andre Braugher ('Men of a Certain Age') as the sub's captain, Scott Speedman ('Felicity') as his second-in-command, and actors Autumn Reeser ('No Ordinary Family'), Daisy Betts ('Persons Unknown'), and Dichen Lachman ('Dollhouse,' 'Being Human') for the cast.

Prior to this news, Adler was most recently seen reprising his role as David Karofsky for the controversial 'Glee' episode "On My Way," which - SPOILER ALERT - saw the character attempting suicide in the wake of his public outing.  We imagine 'Last Resort' won't be quite so dark for him.

What say you, 'Glee' and Max Adler fans?  Do you like the idea of Adler finding steady work on another network show, or are you Karofsky for life?  Give us your thoughts, or at least a little ditty about the news in the comments section!