You could argue that all of Michael Haneke's films are fit for this list -- they're all meaningful and crafted beautifully, but you'd be hard pressed to convince yourself to revisit most of them. 'Amour,' released in 2012 and nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards, is an exploration of love (as the title suggests) through the eyes of an elderly couple confronted with death when the wife suffers a stroke, leaving her husband to care for her as her health quickly diminishes. There's no blood and gore, no visceral violence -- just the reality that we all grow old and die, and the horror we and the ones we love endure as we approach the last days of our lives. More upsetting than the wife's dissolving health is the way her husband devotes himself to caring for her, and the sacrifices they make together to try and find the dignity in the hopelessness and inevitability of death.