How’s this for a little news out of left field: Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book Green Eggs and Ham is getting its very own series on Netflix. And Ellen DeGeneres is behind it. Netflix’s original programming for kids is a…bit different in quality from its adult offerings, and while the concept of Green Eggs and Ham doesn’t seem like it could sustain the 13-episode order, it’s definitely one of their more interesting ventures for kids.

TVLine reports Netflix’s 13-episode order of the Green Eggs and Ham series from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres. Wreck-It Ralph writer Jared Stern is also executive producing, and will serve as writer on the new series.

The Dr. Seuss book was published in 1960 and has remained an enduring, popular children’s favorite, delivering its narrative in the form of a rhyme which teaches children about trying new things. The unnamed protagonist is confronted by Sam-I-Am with the titular dish of Green Eggs and Ham, which he refuses to eat on a plane, on a train, on a car, on a boat, in a tree — basically anywhere and everywhere.

So…will each episode feature the protagonist refusing to eat Green Eggs and Ham in a different location? Episode 1: Train, Episode 2: Plane, et al. The fox episode should be particularly harrowing. In the climactic season finale, he eats Green Eggs and Ham likes it. A lot. Too much, maybe. Season 2: Our protagonist becomes a Green Eggs and Ham junkie, gets busted and sentenced to prison. Orange Is the New Black crossover. Profit.