'Grimm' has returned to Friday nights after a couple weeks of airing on Monday, and we're starting to get deep into the second season. Nick Burkhardt, our trusty Grimm, has revealed his powers to his partner Hank, while his girlfriend still can't remember who he is -- but is starting to realize he's kind of weird.

The last episode, "Quill" also finally brought Monroe together with Rosalee, so there's a number of interesting ways for the latest episode "The Good Shepherd" to go. Read on for our in-depth recap of tonight's 'Grimm.'

The episode starts with the quote "Dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture with the Sheep. Soon a little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter." Nick pulls up to a bar looking apprehensive, and he meets with plumber/badger guy, who tells him that Juliette was asking questions about Nick and he says that he admitted he called Nick a Grimm in front of her. Nick says it's okay, while the assassin from last episode watches in the background and takes off.

Down at a mill, a man is finishing up his work when he hears a noise while leaving. Then a hooded figure knocks him out with a wrench and ties him to a chain, then ties that to a crane which then lowers him into a mulcher.

Nick goes home, starts calling for Juliette, and then calls her only to find out she's out drinking with friends. Her friends then tell her that Nick proposed to her, and she said no, but they don't know why she said no. Hank offers advice to Nick about how to deal with Juliette, only for a Reverend Calvin to show up to complain about theft. Calvin tells them that his account is missing $357,000, and that the money was wired to an offshore account, and that Norman (aka the guy who died at the beginning) was the accountant. And that Norman is missing. Hank gets nowhere with the bank, while Norman's car is found at a train station. Nick and Hank head to the mill and they are then alerted to the body, which is identified by the man's hip replacement.

Back at the office, Nick is suspicious of Reverend Calvin and does some research that shows Calvin left another church under similar missing money circumstances. Hank and Nick go to the church to look for Calvin, and find him talking to his board. Some of the board are were-sheep, and the priest sells the board on more fundraising. Nick then tells everyone that Norman is dead, and the reverend transforms into a Blutbad. The reverend and Nick reveal that they know what each other's secret identities are, and the Reverend sells the idea that he's reformed and believes in acceptance, and that both he and Nick may be better than their ancestors. The Reverend's assistant comes in and vouches for his location during Norman's time of death, which sends the cops to Monroe.

Monroe reveals the name of the Sheep-people, and Nick pitches Monroe on going undercover, which Monroe likes. Monroe goes to the church to hear a sermon about the "more beyond." Monroe changes a little, and it freaks out the sheep people, only for him to say that he's looking for salvation. Monroe then has a face to face with Calvin, and both talk about killing but overcoming their monstrous urges. Monroe says he's homeless, and gets a bed at the church. Captain Renard flashes to the kiss with Juliette when his phone rings. He gets the identity of the assassin.

At Nick's place the assassin breaks in, while Monroe makes himself comfortable in his new room when he hears something suspicious. Calvin and his assistant Megan are talking and then kissing. Nick does some research and finds that Calvin's got a fake social security number. Monroe then calls Nick to report. Nick says Monroe should take off, but Monroe plans to spend the night. Back at Nick's place, the assassin finds a wedding ring, but not the special key, only for someone to come home. It's Juliette, who doesn't notice.

At the station, they have an old picture of Calvin and Megan from seven years ago. It's revealed that the assistant was married to the dead accountant. They bring in Megan for questioning, and she says that she's been working with him for three years. Megan says that her husband stole the money and was having an affair with Calvin. She starts getting teary-eyed and transforms into a sheep thing when she realizes that Nick is a Grimm. She says she couldn't kill one of her own. Megan is in bed when Calvin comes home and she says they should leave town, and they should have enough money to run away together. Calvin then says he plans to set up Monroe with the laptop, and then they can take off.

Nick's at his RV when he draws the sheep people and adds a note to his books, only to leave and be assaulted by the assassin. Nick gets the upper hand, only for their fight to go in the RV where Nick beats the guy with a hammer. Back at Nick's place, he and Juliette have a moment together at breakfast, and she says things are weird, and that it's not easy. She then asks if he'd be happier if she moved out, and he asks the same, and she says she's not sure, but right now together may be best. She then says she'll be home for dinner. Hope! The church is having a bake sale, and Monroe says that the smell is making him hungry, which freaks out the sheep people. Then a young girl named Harmony has a fight with her boyfriend, who won't take responsibility for her pregnancy, and at the church Harmony reveals to Megan that she's pregnant with Reverend Calvin's baby.

Back at the station, Renard gets some papers saying there's a dead body in the river that matches the profile of the assassin and that the killer was beaten to death with a hammer. Megan goes out to the middle of the bake sale to say that they've been deceived by Reverend Calvin, and that Calvin killed Norman. Back at the station Nick is putting together the pieces on Calvin's history, and finds that both Calvin and Megan have been offshore to the place where the money was hidden. Calvin has a meeting with Monroe, and Calvin gives Monroe a letter opener as a part of his plan. Monroe can tell something's off, and then Calvin and Monroe transform and are about to fight, when the flock comes in. Megan busts Calvin, and he gets really angry, only for the sheep to get angry and kill the Reverend. The sheep then go after Monroe, who runs. Thankfully Nick and Hank show up as Monroe runs out of room at the church's balcony. Back at the police station, Nick and Hank tell Renard that all the sheep have the same story, and it's all self-defense, which Renard says they should hand over to the DA. Renard asks about Megan, and the duo say they have a good idea where she is. Cut to the tropics where Megan and Harmony are having drinks.

The thing that makes Grimm so watchable is that they'll add at least one twist to make an episode not completely formulaic. Calvin and Megan looked pretty guilty from the outset, so the pregnancy reveal made the episode slightly better . Juliette and Nick (and Renard's) relationship didn't make much progress, and the lack of Rosalee knock this down a couple notches, but this show knows what it is: a pretty good thing to watch on a Friday night. Still, it would be nice if they figured out what to do with Sgt. Wu.

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