Many were surprised not only to learn that ABC's critically applauded but ratings-challenged  sitcom gem 'Happy Endings' would indeed be returning for a third season, but that the show wouldn't air one of the 22 episodes ordered for season 2.  The episode was by no means banned, simply bumped for time, but when can viewers check out "KickBall 2: The Kickening?"

According to the latest from TVLine, 'Happy Endings' will finally be premiering its "lost" episode "KickBall 2: The Kickening" this summer, though not actually on the air.  The unaired, kickball-focused Season 2 episode will be premiered at Outfest 2012, the 30th annual Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival taking place in California July 12-22.

Curiously, ABC has yet to announce an actual TV premiere date for the episode, to be aired likely in advance of 'Happy Endings' third season this fall.  Star of the series Adam Pally also spoke to TVLine over what fans can expect from the episode, which pays homage to Walter Matthau classic 'Bad News Bears."

I get to play the Walter Matthau character [the team's coach].  It’s all six of us plus Scotty [played by Childrens Hospital's Seth Morris] taking on all the Chicago businesses, like a local nail salon and a deep-dish pie shop.

We'll keep you posted on an airdate, but in the meantime tell us what you think of 'Happy Endings' in the comments!  Will you be back for season 3 as well?