Much ado was made of Quentin Tarantino's decision to abruptly put 'The Hateful Eight' on hold after an early draft of the script leaked online earlier this year. But, time truly heals all wounds and after a successful stage reading of his script, Tarantino has decided to move with 'The Hateful Eight' as his next project with shooting set to begin this November in Wyoming.

Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, James Remar, Amber Tamblyn, Walt Goggins, and Zoe Bell - the actors who convened in April for the live reading are all set to return, this according to Showbiz 411. Notably missing from this list is Christoph Waltz who was originally rumored to be a part of the cast.

Tarantino recently told an audience at the Cannes Film Festival that the project was revitalized following the live read ("I might do that on every script!" Tarantino said) and that he was working on a third draft of the script.

Of course, as quickly as Tarantino decided he wanted to shoot 'Hateful Eight' and then not shoot 'Hateful Eight' and then shoot 'Hateful Eight' again, he may just as quickly opt out of the project. He has always said he reserved the right to revisit the project, but that he also was intrigued by the idea of publishing it is a book first and then later adapting his own novel.

So, at least as of now, the new Tarantino is on again and this is a good thing.